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Let’s make the future of mobility

What will be the characteristics of tomorrow’s mobility?
We can just guess them, but for sure OZ will be protagonist.
E-Raid and E-Leggera are OZ’s first steps towards smart, eco-friendly and perfectly integrated with the world of new mobility.

OZ protagonist of the new mobility.  

Choose with OZ to be an ambassador of the sustainable mobility and of a mindful lifestyle.  
For moving around the city or outdoor adventures, pedal-assistance bikes set no limits and are environmentally friendly.  
E-Raid, the brand new e-mtb for off-road use, in both hardtail and full suspension versions, and E-Leggera, the versatile folding solution.  
OZ has chosen to continue playing a leading role in the coming years.

Space to the mobility.

A folding, unisex, extraordinarily versatile e-bike. Whether you use it for leisure or to go to work, the E-Leggera will let you discover a whole new way of experiencing your mobility.
It is the smart and environmentally friendly solution to the new daily mobility: thanks to its compact size, you can always carry it with you and also use it in combination with other means of transport.


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